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So last week when I lost my marbles, y'all hinted you might be amenable to helping me pick my dress. Here are three that I'm planning to try on. I can't decide if it's a good idea to tell you guys which one is my favorite.


The first one is by Matthew Christopher and it's my favorite. (I CAN'T EVEN PRETEND GUYS!) They had to order the sample from him because they don't keep it in the store. I AM OVER THE MOON TO TRY THIS ON. I hope it looks good, I am not that pretty.

#2 is by Justin Alexander, and is my #2 favorite. I like that it's not white. I like that it's different. I don't like that the girl said "it's super popular and lots of people buy it" because I want to be different!!! Which I know is a childish way to act.


And I am not even sure if they have this last one in the store, but if they do I will try it. It's a little bit more "traditional" but it's also really pretty. As you guys can plainly see I am looking for something shorter, probably tea-length, with some volume to the bottom because I also have volume around my bottom and would like to not feel self-conscious on my damn wedding day.

If you guys have any suggestions, shoot them my way! I plan on trying on other dresses while I'm there, but those are the 3 I'm excited about.


Help me oh wise GT!!!

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