So I am driving a handful of girls (aged 6-15) to camp tomorrow for work, and I have the silliest request ever to make. I am making some kid-friendly playlists for the car-ride over there. Now that I'm looking at my music selection, I am feeling super old and lame. Do any GT moms or teachers (or anyone else, really) have good tips or music suggestions that the girls will like and will make me look like a cool (hip, even) adult? Thanks!

ETA: Thanks so much, everyone! I knew I could get good suggestions from you :)

ETA 2:Well, your advice was awesome, but I guess the girls were too cool for me. They were NOT impressed with my MLP or Disney music (save for Frozen, which they sang along to and requested repeats. The Top 40 I had on was well received, but I didn't have as much of it as I maybe should have. On the way back, they insisted I play music from one of the girls' phones. I felt super old.