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So my wedding is coming up. I’ve been able to lose about 30 pounds so far and want to lose another 45, but realistically I’d be happy with 25.

Both of the dresses below can be sized for plus-size, but if I do lose even 25 more pounds, I won’t need to go beyond a Large.

The first dress is made to order with my measurements, the second goes up to about a size 28, I believe.


So sizing isn’t a problem. But I am a pretty classic pear shape.

My current measurements are 40-34-46. My hips will always be the big issue and my waist tends to go down pretty rapidly as I lose weight. For reference, I’ve already lost about 6 inches on my waist and only 2 at my hips.

The wedding will be a kind of laid-back formal, and I don’t want anything too traditional or hard to dance in.

So if you could give me your frank opinion — both on the dress itself, and then on the likelihood of it looking good on, say, a size 14 body — it would be much appreciated.


Dress #1:

Ivory Lace Boho Wedding Dress with Vintage Lace


Already in Canadian funds, since this is made by a small company in Quebec, so the total cost (including the made-to-order part) with shipping and taxes is about $414.00 (without shoes).

Pros: Adjustable (I would probably take the bottom layer of lace off to make it a bit shorter), made to order with my measurements, made in Canada by a small company, the kind of ethereal tacky white girl aesthetic I love. Lace and little details are gorgeous.


Cons: The hips could be iffy unless I could throw on a petticoat underneath, which would probably drive up the cost by $100, not 100% sure I want to show that much of my upper arms but I really like the delicate (and adjustable) straps.

Dress #2:

Gilded Grace from Modcloth


With the conversion to Canadian funds, the shipping, the necessary petticoat, and the taxes/fees, this whole look will cost me $425.35 (without shoes).

Pros: Full skirt, good size range, lots of photos of people of varying sizes in the dress for comparison.


Cons: The lace is apparently itchy, and I tend to have sensitive skin. It also apparently looks much more gold in-person, and might look a little too cutesy for a full wedding ceremony/reception.

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