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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Help Me Pizza

I have a second date tomorrow. :-D He is going to come over to my place and I’m grilling us some pizza. But, now, I need some tried and true fun pizza ideas.

I gave the option of ‘traditional’ or ‘less conventional’ and he chose ‘less conventional, with meat’. Most of the ideas I look up online are either “here, put all these veggies on your pizza!” or “here is a list of all sorts of things you can mix and match”. While I appreciate the mix and match idea, I would also like something a little more “My family and friends loved this combination”.


Right now, I think prosciutto and arugula sounds fun, but want more ideas.

I am especially a fan of any ideas that include basil or mushrooms, since I have those on hand and need to use them.

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