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Help me plan a day in Boston!

I’m going to Boston this weekend, yay!! I’m getting a tattoo on Sunday, but Saturday I have an entire day free. What should I do?

I know I want to go to the Isabella Gardner Museum. I’d say the MFA too, but, I don’t know if I can drag my friend to more than one museum in a day (and honestly, I do a lot of art things normally so one museum might be fine).

Are there fun Christmas-y things going on? Where should I get good seafood at a price for a post-grad with a nonprofit job? I’m setting aside some money for this trip but don’t want to drop huge amounts, you know? I’m open to ideas!


Finally: Any tips for what to do the day of a tattoo? I’m assuming eating a good meal and taking pain meds that are not ibuprofen?

Guys I’m so excited and nervous.

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