Guys, I'm not a good person. I can't turn the other cheek or put myself above it all. I feel a strong need, in my last week here, to sew some chaos and destruction in my wake. Nothing major, but little things that make life harder for the assholes who have used me and my boyfriend for the past month and are now refusing to pay us.

You see, these people don't care what we think of them. We're like nothing to them. If two-faced were in the dictionary, it would just show a photo of my boss and the English department manager. I will send a rending email when I'm out of the country to let my boss know just what I think of him, but in case it has no impact, I want to... leave my mark, so to speak.


I'm thinking of stowing chicken in the school's office and waiting room, and my boss's car, if I can. We also have a really shitty laptop in the office - it's cluttered with tons and tons of files all on the desktop and it doesn't work half the time, because the super gross and creepy headmaster of the school surfs porn on it and has managed to infect the computer with all kinds of crap. I'm thinking of deleting everything.

The things I won't touch are any of the classrooms, because that will make life harder for my amazing teaching assistant and good friend, and my apartment, because the other foreign teacher and his family are moving in here and my boss won't even lift a finger to clean it for them.


So, what petty acts of revenge do you recommend? Or, if you think I should just be the bigger person, tell me how I can better direct all this rage.