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Many thanks to everyone who tossed in their two cents on the dress I’m making! Now, I find that I need your opinions yet again.

I got the fabric today and the color is, unfortunately, a bit duller than I anticipated. I knew I was taking a risk (mustard can go bright or more subdued), though, so I’m just going to return it and get something else! On the bright side the fabric itself is amazing, smooth and expensive looking with a beautiful drape. Basically, exactly what I need for the silhouette I’m going for, so now I just need to choose another fabric from the same line (easier said than done).


Several of you expressed that printed cotton isn’t a formal fabric. I agree, you’re right, it’s not. However, I think I’m going to ignore the word “formal” and plan for the setting, instead. (They also haven’t sent out the invites at five weeks out and the save a date was a phone call, so I seriously question the formality of the wedding.) When I google “garden wedding guest dress” this is what I get, so I think I’m safe with a print! The solid voile fabric that I’ve gotten isn’t as high quality, anyway, so I’m going to err on the side of higher quality fabric with a print over lower quality solid colored fabric. So, I’ve narrowed it down to these fabrics:






Again, sorry for the huge pics (I’m a bit of a luddite like that) and I think the thumbnails give a good representation of how the fabric will read from a distance. I like color of the birdie print and think it will read as subtle from a distance. I like the graphic, collage-like quality of the floral and think it reads as very “garden.” I like the colors of the kimono print, but I think it’s my least favorite.


What say you? Unvarnished opinions requested, please!

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