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Help Me Plan My Next Vacation (NoLa Peeps I'm looking at you)

I was re-reading through some of your lovely comments on some of my previous posts, and one commenter pointed out that I need to have a fulfilling life with the prospect of no partner. Which means planning things that I look forward to. So it’s vacation planning!

As the title suggests, I’ll need some help and suggestions to hopefully go to New Orleans and Louisiana. My other goal is to somehow get myself some summer work in Northern Canadian communities, but y’all might have less info on that (however if any Canadian have any tips on summer programs up in Northern communities for teachers I’m all ears)


But for you New Orleans friends:

- If you had to choose to visit the city for two weeks at the end of December/Beg Jan, a week in early march, or the month of June, is there a preference?


- Do you have any contacts or recommendations of places I could stay? I prefer staying in a room in an apartment or a hostel.

- I would like to go to Cajun country. Is this easily done as a day trip, or should I plan to stay a few nights? Specifically, i would like to go Cajun dancing or to a fais-dodo (if they still have them).


- If you have any other recommendations, I’m all ears.

I loved New Orleans when I was there and I just want to go back and breathe in your city and culture, walk around, talk with all the people listen to music and dance a bit. Lately, all my vacations have centered around Swing Dancing and I want to get away from that. Also, I enjoy spending time in one place so that i have time to explore and sit and chat with random people - it’s my favourite thing about visiting, so staying for longer periods is more interesting to me.

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