In a couple weeks I’m going to a conference in San Diego. But, since my boss has to be there a few days early for some pre-conference stuff, and we are combining our travel to save some money, I’ll have a few days of freedom. I will be flying in on a Friday morning and the conference doesn’t start until Monday, so I’ll basically have two and a half days to do whatever I what do I want to do?

I know about some of the obvious things like the zoo and Balboa Park, and I’ll probably end at Balboa one of those days. But, what are some other “must do!” things? Keep in mind, wherever I go has to be public transportation accessible. We’ll have a rental car, but there is NO WAY I’m driving it anywhere.

Also, any recommendations for restaurants during the week? Preferably near the convention center or our hotel (near the Fashion Valley), but as I mentioned, we will have a car. My boss and I are both willing to eat pretty much anything, so recommend away.