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Help me pretty up my Kindle Fire?

Okay so here's the deal, my ex bought me a Kindle Fire for my last birthday, and while it's okay I never really latched on to using it for reasons. Then we broke up, and I stuffed it into a drawer and haven't touched it for months.

I've found away to install Chrome on it, which makes it way more user friendly than it was before because the default browser was terrible. And I'm trying to get used to using it more like a tablet and less like my phone,which is helping with the sometimes frustrating part of this kindle.


Does anyone else have a Kindle Fire? How do I make it more user friendly? Obviously everything Amazon related works great, but customization doesn't seem to be something it likes. Any apps I should add/avoid? I will say there is a Gawker Media android app someone made, and it's pretty terrible.

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