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Help me prioritize my expenditures (or more accurately my debt load)

Guise, the time has come. I lost the entire summer to a depressive episode, and now that I am feeling better certain things have Got. To. Change. There's a lot here at Casa Finch that needs work, and even though my funds are limited (when have they ever not been?) there are things that really need attention, and I'm willing to accept certain costs. What I would appreciate, however, is some feedback on what comes first and what can wait. I will list the major concerns below.

1. I need some plasterwork (damage bled from the outside walls, mainly) repaired here. I don't know whether I should try to have it done now, before the really awful weather gets a foothold, or whether I should just let it sit (the winter being projected to be a bad one) until next spring and have it all done once, as opposed to having it done now and then again in 2015 when another nuclear winter has undone all the work of 2014.


2. My bathtub (ca. 1927) is beyond disgusting and needs resurfacing. Even when clean it looks filthy because the enamel is worn off in so many places you can practically see its ribs. Mr. Tub will fix my tub, but it requires not only cash but pre-snow weather conditions (they have to run a tube out the window, which means open windows and also an unpleasant smell) and also the assistance of a friendly neighbour as I can't use my own tub while it cures, and the curing process takes a couple of days. But I haven't taken a proper bath in months, just showers and the occasional foot soak, as the tub is in such bad shape that it has a strange granular feeling underfoot and I never feel clean in it even when it is freshly scrubbed.

3. I need a new mattress and box spring. The ones on which I currently sleep (along with Mr Fusspot) are of ancient origin, having been acquired as surplus furniture from my friend Betty's home during a move about 10 years ago, and I don't know how old they were before I got them. The dog and I are both old and have aches and pains and this mattress is just not doing it any more; it has trenches and lumps and doesn't seem to hold me up like it used to, and what with my aches and pains I spend a lot of time in bed, so I'm thinking that a new mattress and/or box spring would probably be a really good investment.


4. I need a new good-quality nonstick frying pan. I realize that this seems like a minor expenditure compared to the other things I have mentioned, but I am really, really picky about my frying pans, and I do not want a cheapo Starfrit or similar. Having managed to destroy one good-quality nonstick pan from almost constant use (it was a housewarming present from my Chinese aunt six years ago), I need a new one, one that can go the distance.

5. I need new heavy-duty winter boots. This one is non-negotiable.

So, if you have the time, help me out here - what comes first, what can wait? Nonstick frying pan recommendations are also welcome. Help me spend my (theoretical) money!

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