Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Help me procrastinate!

I am bored and I have to stay late at work to wait until I can go to dinner and I have nothing to do. Share with me things. It can be good things; what are you looking forward to? What was good this week? Or bad things; what annoyed or disappointed you this week? Or inane; what are you eating/doing/watching/reading?

I'll go first!

  • I am looking forward to sushi. But also reading&finishing The Circle and starting my new books.
  • I am impatient and bored waiting to leave
  • I'm reading 'Too good too leave, too bad too stay.' at work while I wait. Trying to hold a mirror up to myself and my relationship. Cogs in my brain turning. Slowly. At home I'm reading The Circle. I'm halfway through!

(This is not here to replace Turdsday! I'm just bored. Join me?)

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