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Help Me Remember This Movie (UPDATED)

I've been thinking a lot lately about this movie that I loved as a kid, and now have the urge to watch again for nostalgia purposes, but I can't, for the life of me, remember what it was called.

There was a kid who lived with his mom, and his dad was missing, presumed dead, but this kid refused to give up hope that his dad was alive. He's visiting his...grandpa, I think, and goes up to the attic, and gets transported to another world that's a medieval fantasy type place. There's an evil queen who's obsessed with beauty, and he ultimately defeats her by stabbing her pet snake through the mouth with a sword.


It would be his right, via the laws of the land, to kill her, but instead he chops off all her hair to make her ugly, and then locks her in a room full of mirrors so she always has to look at the horror of her destroyed beauty.

Then he goes back home to our world, and his dad shows up, having been alive and trying to make his way back to them the whole time.


I'm sure I'm messing some stuff up, and I'm definitely forgetting a lot, but does this ring any bells for anyone?

ETA: Gina-Bina wins. It was Storybook! Revel in this glory

Now to track down where I can watch the whole thing again!

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