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Help me reverse engineer this recipe!

I recently had this amazing pasta dish. On the menu it was described as pappardelle with pork, cipollini onions and crispy shallot. It was in a tomato based sauce, but not so heavy as a ragu (more sweet and tomato-y than meaty). I did not detect any wine in the sauce, I don’t think. The onions still had a nice texture (fairly big pieces not dissolved into the sauce or mushy, crunchy but sweet). The pork was shredded and slightly caramelized.

How would you make it?

Braise pork in tomato sauce and shred? Make a classic tomato sauce and strain out the other stuff and roast the pork separately? Braise the onions whole in at the end and cut them up after? Cut up the onions and saute or roast them and add to the mix?


I want to be able to eat this at home!!!

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