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Help me sew things!

My boyfriend bought us a sewing machine, and now I want to learn how to make things! I’ve never done this before, does anybody have any good beginner resources? My first project is going to be a SAB skirt, which is basically a circle skirt that is longer in the back. All I have to do is sew the waistband on according to this tutorial.

However, the skirt shape I actually like is more like this:


So I want to do that for my next project after the SAB skirt. I actually feel like I could figure this out pretty easily? Or is that foolishly optimistic and ambitious? Should i try to find a pattern that is similar. Or buy this actual skirt and try to reverse engineer it?

As I said, I’m completely new at this sewing thing, but am pretty crafty in general. Thanks parents for paying for me to major in art in college.

Also feel free to share any sewing projects you are working on. I know a lot of you GTers are mad talented!

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