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Hey there GT, it’s been a long minute, but I need your help!

The reason for my absence is my job, and we are having a GALA fundraiser! And I need to crowd source my dress, because I cannot find what I have pictured in my head.

The theme is Mad Alice in Wonderland inspired. Theme colors pink, purple and black. It will be in December and I have been told that were I will probably end up working is right in front of the doors and cold.


My idea is to have a long sleeve black dress with pockets (because I will be working and have been told that pockets are key). My dress size is 14 - 18, and pretty hourglass. I figure a black dress will have future versatility. PLEASE HELP ME FIND THE DRESS. I have looked on many places, and it’s very sad that sleeves and pockets are so elusive. I’m not opposed to renting, but I haven’t seen what I want as of yet.

I plan to glam it up with an awesome statement necklace (so I am flexible on neckline style). Currently in the running (apologies for massive photo size):

Not on theme really, but I loves it:

Or, if I want to spend more money to rent and be sorta on theme (garden of singing flowers):


Do you have an even better statement necklace? Let me know!

And then, I plan on attempting crazy eyelashes:


Shoes will probably be Chucks (hours and hours running around on concrete and navigating 3 levels), either sparkles or purple. I think it would be fun to do matte swirly nail art, but nails are always the last think on my list.

But it will all start with the dress I cannot find.

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