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Help Me Shop at Sephora

Dear hivemind,

Hello! It’s been awhile. Suffice to say, fuck this year and fuck this election and motivation is hard and I hate it. Also, my sister’s cat dropped dead yesterday out of literally nowhere and that is goddamn bullshit.

Now, help me be a good little consumer and spend some fucking dollars.


My department head gave us all $50 to Sephora as holiday gifts and I don’t know how to spend it! I’m pretty consistent in what I use makeup-wise, and I just reupped on all of it (bought the Naked Smoky palette, which takes care of my everyday and going-out makeup, I only wear red lipstick and I have about 25 of those, including a new Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip, I’m’set on foundation, powder, concealer, and I just bought a new series of skincare shenanigans to test for awhile). What the hell do I use it for? I suppose I could get a new set of brushes, but mine are just fine and I don’t know if I want to add more shit to a landfill.

Help me! (And then we can go back to cursing the loins from which this year was born.)

ETA: SO MANY MAGICAL SUGGESTIONS! Being a makeup user but not a makeup lover, I’m leaning towards putting it to the Maison Margiela Discovery Set (I’m looking for a signature fragrance, and I dig masculine-branded scent profiles).

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