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Help me shop! (Or sew this for me?)

The mission, should you choose to accept: a sexy, floor length, red dress. Think Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, think edgy red carpet. We want deep, plunging V neck, side cut outs, architectural shapes, playing with the lines of the body, stuff like that. Some combination of these two outfits, or at least something this person would wear. Accessories I have covered.


The budget: under $200.

Timeframe: by the first week of October.

Obstacle: I would rather not order from China. Also no beads or bedazzling.

Bonus if you know of somewhere in the NYC area where I could just go find something like this. Or if I can hire you to sew it for me (I could send you material if you tell me what to get) since I’m staying with friends and don’t have access to my sewing stuff right now.

Edited to add- size 4-ish?

Thanks awfully, darlings!


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