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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Help me shop shoes!

I am not happy with my summer work shoes but am struggling to figure out what to get. I’m looking for something cute and summery but they can’t be sandals. So, I’m reaching out to those who enjoy this stuff, please help me shop!

My needs are: closed toe (technically speaking, I’m ok with lots of open area), solid footbed with some padding, comfortable for walking (I walk about 10000 steps ~= 4.2 miles/day at work), no heals or less than 1", will go with skirts or capris. I have a pair of clogs when I wear pants.


Color: I tend conservative, usually brown, often leather so they match nearly everything in my work wardrobe. This mostly consists of tan khanki pants, skirts, and capris with occasional mid-range colors thrown in.

Price: <$100, preferably < $60.

I’m thinking against Mary Janes since that is what I currently have. They are a bit bulky for knee length skirts.


Also, I need a pair of black shoes that fit a similar vein and would go with a black pencil skirt or pants. My current flats have nothing to them so I can’t wear them long.

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