Because we all love getting distracted by meaningless but fun things! Boobieguy gave me a laptop sleeve for christmas but since it was felt, the entire sleeve was too big to fit into my tiny perfect sized backpack. He now uses the sleeve and I get to pick out a new one! Which one do we prefer?

I like greens, pinks (I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve totally turned around) golds but only as accents, coppers, purples, blues.. Okay that doesn’t help. Geometric, abstract, swirly or plant/animal related but haven’t found anything that really tickled me in the animal category.. (not abstract enough to last years maybe?) I’ve narrowed it down to these (I think? I can’t browse for very long because rest, if you find something EVEN BETTER then let me know 😁)

Which one should I buy? 🤔


ETA turns out if I order from society6 I have to spend an additional 20 bucks because its from the States 😑

That means the etsy sleeve would cost 25 but the society6 sleeve 55 😑

Anyone feel like smuggling a sleeve to me? 😅

ETA2 : looks like they offer a one time customs return! Athough its one time only, theyll reimburse the customs charge should I be smacked with it!