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Help me solve a riddle, GT!

My sanity is in your hands! Here's the riddle:

On a train headed west, I saw my old friend Bates sitting across the aisle, looking intently at a map.

"Bates, you sly devil," I called out from behind my daily Times. "Fancy seeing you here. Where are you headed?"


Bates doesn't talk, so after a few seconds, he located a pen and started scribbling on his map. A minute passed before he finally handed me this message:

A little early for drinks, I thought. and why in the world was he calling me Ed? Confused, I asked him again, "Where are you headed?"


With a sheepish grin, Bates wrote, "I just told you." Then he got up and headed toward the club car. Reading the message again, I realized how foolish I had been. Of course he told me. It was written there, plain as day.

Smiling, I dropped the map on the seat and followed my friend out the door and to the beverage car.


The map is of Pennsylvania, I believe the northeast corner. I assume that the answer is not "to the club car."

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