So, I just recently joined a 'group fitness' gym down the street from me that opened about a month and a half ago. (I'm an overweight out of shape young middle aged lady). The first night I go - eyecandy! yeah! A nice (ok, good!) looking young man (early 30's?) is in my class. He's hot, I can tell out of the corner of my eye. Otherwise, I don't really check him out or anything - I am not creepy in anyway and am, I dunno? to dignified to be trying to pick up guys at the gym. And especially not one 10 or 15 years younger than I am and waaaayyyy hotter than I would even hoped to be when I was younger, thinner and 'prettier'...I digress.

Anyway, I get a weird vibe from this guy the couple of times we've been in the same class. Like, he knows he's hot and I feel like he knows I think he's hot and that makes him uncomfortable. Like I'm gonna pounce on him. That in no way would ever happen (and probably not even in my fantasies. As much as I may joke I 'like 'em younger' the reality isn't quite as appealing even in a beautiful package such as this one).

Is this just a white male entitlement thing? I've noticed it with a new neighbor (who is a total douchey frat boy) when I've tried to just talk to him about parking rules (he's a new owner in my building). Like, dude, I recognize you are hot and I am not, but I have no interest in hitting on you or getting with you, I am being polite and talking to you about a real issue; I am not being flirtatious or have the slightest interest in getting your pants. (I only date nerdy engineers, who are very hot too ;) So stop with the weird vibe/attitude thing, like you're all tough or whatever. (I've noticed this with not so good looking guys who think they are studs but definitely more common with the hotties.)

Thoughts? (Sorry this post was a lot longer than I thought it would be!)

PS I am not to bothered by this vibe, just wanting to examine it. If he really isn't comfortable around me then that is his problem and he needs to grow up.