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Help Me Sports Bra

Hivemind assemble!

I am in need of a new sports bra situation.

Here are the brands I have tried and hated: Nike Dri-Fit. Under Armour. Champion. Road Runner Sports. Athleta.


The best of that bunch were the Nike bras that did a good job for years. But they’re getting old and stretchy and Nike changed the design so they suck now. Honorable Mention goes to the Athleta bra which is nice but not quite as supportive as I’d like.

Here are my requirements: I’m a runner, and as such, I require my boobs to be IMMOBILE. As immobile as possible. And I’m a bit chesty (38G) which is probably the biggest part of the problem because most stores don’t even carry sports bras anywhere near my size so I have to order online, try on and reject, then ship them back and that is a massive pain in my ever-shrinking ass. So.


Recommend to me. I have considered the Buband that Lifehacker likes to recommend and I have done the Ace bandage binding in the past but that is also a pain in my ass to do. I just want a bra that will strap the girls down.

Thank you, smart and good-looking people!

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