As it happens, the contract I was hoping to arrange for myself for the summer fell through, so I am officially in need of a jerb. Ideally, I'd like to find an internship or a short contract in communications, especially in the not-for-profit field. Anyways, I have the experience and I think my resume is pretty well written (though I always welcome suggestions on that front), but what I really need are tips on making it stand out visually. I'm not a very visual person, but I know that I won't get noticed in my field if I submit a boring, old standard resume. I'm not even talking like infographic resumes, or what-have-you, just some formatting help, maybe a punch of colour, or a graphic.

So what do you guys have for me? Any cool ideas or suggestions? Helpful websites? If you're a hiring manager, or in the comms field, what would catch your eye?

(Also, this is a long shot, but if anyone knows of any good leads in Ottawa or Toronto, let me know.)