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Welcome To The Bitchery

Help me stay zen

I'm trying not to engage someone on facebook. They just came back from a trip and are making all sorts of derogatory commentaries on chinese people. I read enlightening tidbits like : "the Chinese spit, like all the time" ; "scooters don't respect road signs, they're in a hurry, those Chinese!", "they put meat everywhere", "they smoke. SO MUCH". It's not plain in-your-face racist, but, you know what, it kind of is plain racist. There are few things that piss me off less than shitty critical tourists : it's like an impolite guest that makes derogatory comments about the house you invited them in. Just. not. cool. Also, the phrasing : they, the Chinese, etc. It's condescending, exoticizing, othering, just plain nerve-grating. They're not a bad person in general and I have trouble engaging without going full-on rethorical-kalachnikov on someone, so I'm trying to refrain and be the bigger person but I need help.

I'll probably just unfriend them eventually.


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