So. As many of you are aware I'm in a super duper time-consuming graduate program now. This means I spend the VAST majority of my time working on projects for school... my social life and sleeping habits are not remotely what they used to be. The manfriend has been pretty gracious about this... since I'm only able to make it out into the real world for something that resembles an actual date once every two weeks or so he keeps offering to come over to my place and just hang out/read a book on nights when I'm going to be working until the wee hours of the morning. Sounds very nice, right?

SORT OF RIGHT. NOT REALLY THOUGH. Here is my issue. He inevitably falls asleep before I do (at an hour when normal humans go to bed) and I have to keep on working for many more hours. My apartment/room isn't that large, so I'm generally either sitting on the bed directly next to him or at my desk like 3 feet away and his happy sleeping/snoring makes me SO IRRATIONALLY ANGRY. I realize that he is not, in fact, purposely taunting me and is just sleeping because people do that but it's torturous watching someone sleep when I'm so so so tired and can't do so myself.

So... hulp. Manfriend is being a nice person by keeping me company when I'm too busy to actually go be a social being, but his good intentions are making me so mad. I do not want to be mad about this. It's irrational and he's not doing anything wrong. HELP ME STOP BEING SO MEAN, GROUPTHINK. WHY AM I SO MEAN?

P.S. Kinja is not letting me add images to this post. C'est la Kinja!