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Beware, this post is very poorly written, I am having one of those days where I can't seem to make my thoughts coherent. Ugh.

So I have a cousin, who is 19. She could learn a lot from feminism. She posts a lot of things on facebook without truly understanding the issues behind them. I really think she simply needs to be taught about feminism and the like. Her most recent post was linking to this video of a woman who is wearing very little clothing (I am not judging, this is important to the story!). In this video, this woman is complaining about how real women have curves, talking about "skinny bitches." My cousin posted this

Alrighty, there seems to be a lot of controversy on this.... I'm glad to be the size I am, and I'm glad to be getting into better shape physically. That still doesn't change how I feel on this...

1: Please put your boobs away, have some self respect. Bud, you're better then that.

2: It's great that you want to prove a point, but please don't say your better because you're thick. That is the same as us, skinny bitches, saying we're better. You're not showing any sense of understanding towards the point of the matter.

3: Dude it's a pencil, I may be skinny, but I can defend myself. Size doesn't prove you can fight.

4: If you haven't noticed, guys are diverse. Just like us women. They have different opinions. Some may not like a thicker woman, just like some might not like a thinner one. Every one has their own opinions thoughts and feelings.

5: The size of people, doesn't matter. In the end, we are all the same inside. Everyone has right to be the size, shape and weight they desire. This skinny/thick shaming thing needs to stop.

6: If you don't like the way someone looks, or who they are, or what they stand for, don't associate with them. Remain professional if you work together. If you don't like the way someone acts, is, or looks like, great! Don't look, speak, or think about them. Your thoughts are none of their business, and their thoughts are none of yours.

I don't understand why this is so hard to grasp. If you show the respect you wish in return, that's what you will get.

Smarten it up boys and girls.

This is 2014 for bloody sake.


I get what she is trying to say and it is great that she recognizes that no one should be shamed for their size, but she doesn't seem to also understand that no one should be shamed/judged/disrespected for what they wear either!

Someone comments on this post and points out that she shouldn't be shaming someone for showing cleavage, and she says

"i'm not shaming her. you can respect yourself enough and keep yourself covered up, and not for the world you see. You don't need your body showing to be smokin hot.


The same person comments again and says "She can respect herself and show cleavage", then my cousin says

That's a little more then just cleavage


I really want to teach my cousin about feminism and I totally think she would be open to learning about it.

I feel like I am having a huge brain fart today, and have been trying to find some Jezebel or Groupthink articles that relate to this directly, but can't seem to find anything.


Do you have ideas? Can you link me to some articles that I could provide to her that directly relate to showing skin, and how it's really about sexism and the patriarchy and everyone deserves the same respect if they are covered head to toe, or if they are walking around naked!!!

She truly is one of those people who is willing to learn new things, but I just need to scrape together some resources to provide her with, I just can't seem to think straight today!


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