Hey guys!

Plea for help here. Please let me know if this is inappropriate, and I'll take it down.

I'm planning on starting my own editing/proofreading business in the foreseeable future. My plan is to offer editing on academic papers, but with a small marketable twist. I plan on also offering a diagnostic sheet of the writer's most frequent mistakes and problems, with solutions on how to fix them through self-editing. My goal is for people to only need to use my service maybe once or twice before becoming capable independent writers. I'm hoping for a February launch, but March is more likely.


In order to get feedback on the quality of my proofreading/editing and how helpful my comments are I'm looking for guinea pigs. People who are willing to let me edit their paper (for free) and then fill out a sort anonymous survey to help me improve. I'm a former English teacher, current MFA writing student, and aspiring author, so I feel qualified. The question is whether or not the service works the way I want it to. I would also like it (and this would be totally optional) if I could post a short screen shot of a before/during/after of a paragraph on my website so people could see what sort of editing/commentary they'd be receiving.

I know some number of you teach/are students/ have children currently in school. If anyone feels like they could be assisted by this service, please message me. Anything up to ten pages accepted. Hoping for a three day turn around (but part of this is figuring out how long it takes me to edit ten pages of unknown origin). I also know most of you are fairly adept writers, so if anyone you know mentions needing a second set of eyes on a paper, maybe point them here?