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Help Me to Oatmeal

Top o' the Monday morning to you GT! I had a super productive Sunday and decided I was going to start this week off being all sorts of healthy and on top of shit. As part of that plan I bought some oatmeal yesterday because it is good for your heart and your bowels and stuff right? Responsible adults eat oatmeal for breakfast, no?

Well...I bought this stuff because I'm told it's tasty and super healthy and very grown up. Only I'm not really sure how to cook it. I was told by another responsible adult that I could just microwave it for 3-4 minutes but what I ended up with was a hot ass bowl of exploded oatmeal that is still kind of chewy.


Any thoughts on what I did wrong? Does it need more time and if so I suppose it needs less heat? Or was I supposed to buy the instant if I wanted it to go in the microwave and this stuff is only "Quick and Easy" on the stovetop?

Also: what kinds of delicious things do you like to put in your oatmeal? I'm told that eating your oatmeal with flax seeds is the height of health and maturity but I find myself rather daunted by their purported, er...efficiency.

Please help me to eat all my oatmeal so that I can make beautiful music with my oatmeal box!

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