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Help Me to Thanksgiving? (Recipe Thread)

Gguys, I’m really stuck with what to make this year. Figuring out a dish to bring to family Thanksgiving has never been the easiest task in the world, considering that I am gluten free and there are several vegetarians. (Plus I may or may not have an unspoken competition with my sister about who can bring the best thing. It’s all in good fun and never actually addressed but damn it I can’t fall down on this...but I digress.)

Aadding extra complications, my cousin and her 5 year old son have just been diagnosed with alpha-gal which is that insane tick borne disease that makes you allergic to most meat products (fish poultry and eggs are okay) as well as all dairy products.


What am I going to make that’s not just like a roasted vegetable side? (Roasted veggies are great and all but I’d love to make something more substantial, especially because I think a lot of people are going to do this. ) if you have any inspiration, please send it my way!

Feel free to share your own Thanksgiving recipe conundrums too!

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