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Help me understand.

What in the fuck is with Hillary Crosley just spoiling the fuck out of shows that aired less than 24 hours ago?

I know some of you don't care about spoilers. A few of you in particular I know are all 'wah wah, spoiler baby'. But it isn't fucking hard to just write a headline that makes it clear that you're going to talk about the episode without revealing, literally in the title, a huge, major event. io9 does it all the time. I don't even WATCH SoA, and that makes my blood fucking boil. It's not just not caring about spoilers, it's outright mean-spirited, and I have no idea why Jez keeps doing it. Do they think it's funny? Does Hillary get some kind of personal satisfaction out of ruining something for hundreds of people?


It's essentially common courtesy to hide spoilers like that from view, particularly on a site where they don't discuss SoA on a regular basis, so no one had any way of knowing it would pop up. It's not about whether or not you care, it's about whether you're seriously a spiteful person who wants to deliberately fuck people over or not.

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