They're doing weird things. I haz a confused. Also TMI time!

I am spotting.

I have never spotted before, except 1 - for the 3 months I was on Loestrin and 2 - whenever I started a new pill. I have not started a new pill, and even when I did start this pill like 2 years ago I didn't spot.

I did miss a pill the other day on Monday, so I had to take 2 on Tuesday. But I've done that before and never spotted. And I was mildly crampy on Monday, too - also something that has never happened when I missed a pill (to be completely fair this is only, like, the second or third time I've forgotten to take my pill one day. In close to 8 years).

WHAT IS MY UTERUS DOING? It's not even really blood. It's like brown gooey stuff but it won't stop coming out of me! MAKE IT STAHPPPP.