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Help me update my head, please. (open thread)

I want a new look. I’ve had some good changes in my life lately & I want to extend that to my physical head.

My hair is long by default. The nature of my work makes long hair more practical. I usually just trim it myself and every now & then do some face framing. Boring. I am, this day, prepared to invest more time in hair care to achieve this update to my noggin.


I also want to go to a professional make up counter. I haven’t bought anything other that drugstore foundation in a decade and guessing the right shade is a crapshoot. Right now I’m using Rimmel Stay Matte. I am a middle aged white woman, so drug store foundation is probably not the best plan.

I love seeing the pictures around here of your new hairstyles & make up. So, help me please.

What stores or brands should I go to for a make up consultation? (auto corrected to “consolation” ha!) What brands do you love? I tend toward t~zone shiny.


I am considering these 2 styles:


The top one I think is more age appropriate, but I really LOVE the second one (picture is so huge).

What do you all think? Any other styles you really like?

Please feel free to talk about head stuff or whatever else you want. Thanks in advance, beauty wizards.


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