Where should I go to get out of the heat in August?Ā 

My initial idea was Seattle and the San Juan Islands, and I asked a friend if she and her husband would want to bring their kiddo to spend a long weekend on San Juan or Orcas. She declined because their baby tends to get sick when they travel, which I totally understand, no big deal. Then they very generously offered to fly me from Washington to California to see them. I donā€™t feel comfortable with them spending that money on me, plus Iā€™ve visited them before and want to go someplace new. But my friend is being insistent, so at the moment it seems like the best way to so no without hurting her feelings is to go somewhere that is not the West Coast.


Now Iā€™m thinking either Denver or Toronto with a trip to Cape Breton. But Iā€™m feeling very open to ideas and would love to hear suggestions. Iā€™m looking for someplace with cool temperatures and a combination of culture and nature.

Thoughts? Ā