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So I kind of sort of basically started smoking again and I would like to not be doing that but I also don’t want to do nothing.
Which means buying a vape thing! Which would be exciting except like this is super overwhelming because apparently it is actually quite technical and there are millions of options.
And I know we have some vapers around here, so I figured I would ask for help. :)

I did find labeled: crazy aunt kanye’s post from over a year ago about it, and it was very helpful (especially in telling me how not to poison myself, lol), but I didn’t see any other detailed posts when I searched. I would just get the build she suggested, except it appears that they either don’t sell that at that website anymore or the website is down.

My friend suggested a good build to me and it was over $100 (do you think I’m made of money, girl?). I would like to try to get a decent build for $40 or less.
I would also like something that would last a while and is not super complicated, and it’s a bonus if it comes in pink or purple. Otherwise I don’t care.

And how do I know what nicotine level to get? I am not a heavy smoker at ALL. Like pack a week at most and usually way less than that.

ETA: I’m not asking for you all to do all the work for me and tell me what to get (unless you want to anyway :) ), I’m just asking for advice on what models and such are good and in my price range, and what I should look for in a good vape set up. I know there’s lots of info online about this but it’s... overwhelming.


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