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Help me waste my life!

Firsties! I have a lead on a job! Looks really promising!! Pays... vaguely well(well enough to help keep us fed and stuff) and is close to the house and is in my field! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Secondly; I need a new thing to waste my life on with Netflix. I just finished Hemlock Grove, and there are all these culty shows I have never seen and feel like maybe I should.

Mad Men- never saw it, had no cable when it started, by the time I had cable had no idea what was going on, then didn't have cable again. I guess I should start it, but I don't feel excited to start it.


Gossip Girl? I only barely know who Blake Lively is- should I let this change my mind?

Vampire Diaries? Almighty Johnsons? Help me waste my life!!

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