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HELP ME with a dating conundrum, smarties!

I have been thinking about posting about this, but haven't because I have so many Other Things I Must Do, but here goes anyway:

OK so I'm freaking out over a dude.

I met him on OK Stupid. Despite being super jaded about OKC and over it (I should have contributed some winning stories to your other threads, ladiez), I was pretty stoked to meet him as our match rating was really high and he's age-appropriate and cute. Then, the most unexpected thing happened: we had an amazing time and totally clicked, and we were both giddy and kind of like, whoa, that was awesome! He made a lot of references to things that might be happening in a shared future. We both made each other laugh genuinely. I haven't felt that awesome after a 1st date since my 1st date with my ex husband. (Who is a lovely person, so don't judge.)


Mmmmmkay, so then I barely hear from him! Like, at all. I hint around that I'm not doing much on the weekend (last weekend) and he totally doesn't take the bait. Ok, fine, I have other plans going, I beef up my Saturday, all's good.

So then I'm like hoping to hear more from him but also trying to play it cool. I get a couple short emails from him. Ok, rad, he wouldn't be communicating at all if he didn't like me, right? But before our date he wanted to write a lot and chat, and now, nothing? Most of his emails are like, just hoping you're having a great day, and, more soon!


I go from feeling giddy about him to feeling rejected, but also I have PMS something TERRIBLE so that's not helping at all, but seriously WTF now it's been a week since we went out and...nothing?

Soooooooo finally I break down and send him an email like, hey, I thought we were pretty excited about each other. Was I wrong about that? What are you thinking? Sorry, but I suck at playing it cool. He writes back, sure let's go out Thursday! I've got my kids this weekend so that's out, but I'd love to see you again, and don't worry so much!


OK. So despite being happy about seeing him again, I still feel weird. Gah, I dunno.


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