I swear to god, this is giving me more anxiety than presenting at work in front of mucky-mucks ever would. Kids scare me.

My son's teacher asked me to come in and speak to his class for "occupation day." It's tomorrow. Now, I probably have one of THE most interesting jobs according to toddler logic, but I am still baffled with how to speak with them about it.

Without giving too much away about my job, I am an art director for product and I have the whole little side biz as well. I made each kid a goodie bag, each has something from my job-job and a personalized print for each of them.

For presenting, my strategy is to keep it short and sweet. I was going to make a few boards showing how I usually start with a sketch and then it evolves into an actual product (or print). Someone at work suggested I bring in some materials to share, so I thought bags of glitter, gems and buttons, maybe some ribbon and fur, stuff like that, so that I can pass it around and they can have some kind of tactile experience. Do you think they would find Pantone books interesting?


Any other ideas on how best to talk to a large-ish group of kids this age without totally losing their attention?

I am completely over-thinking this, of course. But I'm kind of nervous.