I posted previously about my challenges with the bookcase my landlord is letting me use (shelves too big for actual books).

Current bookcase - eek!

I just bought 3 ikea Billy bookcases on ebay and they will be delivered this weekend. The seller has a 4th one, and I am tempted to buy that one too (then I can get doors for the bottom half of two of them and use those for storing clothes since I don’t have drawers). But before I do, I have to figure out the best way to lay out my bedroom, and would love ideas.

Below is my bed. I like having it by the window - partially because I don’t have a nighstand, so the window serves as a place for my glass of water, lamp, etc. The next photo shows the closet that comes with the apartment. It is a beast and super annoying - but I have to make do with it for now. Next is my desk and my chair (large and doesn’t fit under the desk - I may replace it with something more compact later). The red rocker has been replaced with a smaller white chair. The last pic is the living room - sadly my coffee table got cracked during the move, so it has a stack of books under it for stability while I try to figure out how to fix it.



So, here is the current layout for the bedroom. I made it so that the closet doors are open to show how much clearance is needed. Possible layout 1 shows a way 4 bookcases could be in the room (and that layout would let me get a nightstand, but it makes my desk/chair area tight). Ignore the extra 2 bookcases behind the bed in option #2. A couple challenging things:

1. I work from home quite a bit, so the desk and chair have to stay.

2. The radiator is small and fits under part of the desk.

3. I have to leave my door open a little so my cats can come in and out - so I prefer to not have my bed on that side of the room for privacy reasons.


4. I can possibly fit 1-2 bookcases in the living room - so that is also an option.


Any ideas are welcome! The only restriction is that replacing the furniture with smaller items is a non-starter (except for the chair - and maybe at some point the closet, but that is a longer term goal). I love my furniture!