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Help me with costume / makeup ideas!

You guys are good at this sort of thing. I'm working on an aerial piece for a upcoming audition and need help with costuming and makeup.

The character / narrative for the piece is sort of like...this person who is transforming or shedding her skin in a way and turning into a more alien kind of creature. I go from being really horrified about all of this to being resigned. The music is the Yeah Yeah Yeah's 'Runaway' (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QqArc…).


Anyway, right now I have this American Apparel nude sheer lace bodysuit (link kind of NSFW for nipples) that I plan on wearing over a nude body tight. I'm thinking about maybe dying the body tight for this kind of effect maybe? But I also don't want to be too derivative of this dance company...(Zoe Juniper)

Then I was thinking I if I dye part of the body tight, I could make my makeup match. I want it to be very opaque and geometric. Like the picture on the left, but with matching eyes and lips, and maybe shapes of color on the arms or neck as well? But again, that would be very Zoe Juniper as well in a way (including another image of their work).

My question is (I don't really know anything about makeup), how do you get this opaque paint look? Could I use lipstick on my eyes, or would that be a terrible idea? Do I need to get some cream based stage makeup?


Ideas? Comments? Advice? :)

ETA: OR GLITTER??? How does glitter work?

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