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Help me with my brown brown brown living room

When Mr. Cunning moved into this townhouse, he bought all new furniture at my suggestion. He picked out a living room set, and it’s been bugging me lately. While the couch is super comfortable and has held up wonderfully (it looks like the one above), it’s very... brown. In fact, the whole room is brown.

Beige carpet and walls. Brown sofa x 2. Arm chair that is gold and other colors that just looks brown in this brown room. Brown coffee table. Brown side tables. Picture that is primarily gold but that looks brown in context. Brown brown brown.


I want to liven it up, but we can’t really get RID of anything because we’re trying to not spend a ton of money at the moment. I can’t redo the couches. I can’t replace the painting (it was a gift, and would break Mr. Cunning’s heart). I’m not good with slip covers.

What I can swing is redoing the pillows (WHICH ARE ALSO BROWN AUGH), sewing a quilt in whatever colors, and putting something nice that is not alive on the coffee table. Any ideas on color combos I could go with? I am not good at this color thing :(

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