I really want to foster a rescue dog (or dogs!). Like really, really, really, really, really want to. My husband is extremely opposed to this idea and it gives me the sadz.

Our current dog is really sweet, however about once every six weeks she will randomly decide to chew something she shouldn't. Our cat is good except she sometimes has a thing where she eats cell phone charger cords (we are trying several remedies for this). My husband thinks a foster dog will just be work we can't handle, will chew things, will make me frustrated, and perhaps most of all โ€” will end up being more work for him even though it's my thing.

He is really busy at work right now (he's an accountant with a 55-mile commute one way). I'm not really busy, but sometimes I do have to work weird hours. My parents are always totally willing to help out with the animals when our work schedules collide in an unfavorable way so I don't see this as a huge obstacle.

I am working through depression issues recently that have kept me from keeping up with the animals the way I should sometimes. I think my husband resents that he has to empty the cat litter even though the cat was my idea, etc, etc. I am going to therapy and I am almost 4 weeks on my medication now and I think they are helping. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I also should be committing my energy to continuing to get the farm going, but it's frankly a pretty slow process because we are at the point now where we just need to convince someone to give us a huge loan and just jump in head first. I think we could do that about one year from today, my husband thinks two years is more likely.

I want to foster dogs because A - I love dogs and B - I love "giving back" doing something meaningful, whatever. You get the idea. My husband is just not the charitable type. I think in general he just doesn't see any upside, and thinks that I am not mature enough to keep up with my responsibilities now so why the heck would we add more?

So....from the description of my life that I just read, I am I an idiot for wanting to take on a foster dog?


If you think I should get a foster dog, how should I convince my husband? The obvious answer is "get your shit together and start taking care of your other animals and actually keeping up with your laundry and doing all the other crap your husband wants you to do" So I think there is only a possibility this would work because he would rather we not get a foster dog unless I am farming at home and don't have a job in town, but even when I start farming I still plan on keeping my job in town so that sounds like...maybe never. I also kind of resent the idea that my husband is basically my father at this point, unconvinced that I can handle my own shit and wanting me to "earn" more responsibility. Oh โ€” and two years ago when we bought our house and got our first dog, my husband and I were both in agreement that we would be getting second dog soon. He has now totally reversed course on that and thinks we should wait at least a few MORE years before getting another. Boo.

I found a rescue that I would love to work with. The dogs seems to cycle through fairly quickly so the likelihood of being stuck with a dog for months is low. They also have tons to choose from, so we could work at finding a dog without too many behavioral issues. They also put out pleas for people who can take dogs for just a few days or a weekend, and I think that might be a good way to transition in.