Inspired by this, I've decided that first off, 'Midnight Red' is utterly wasted as the name of a boy band but completely awesome as a romance novel title.

Secondly, we, Groupthink aka the digital version of the Algonquin Round Table, obviously must need to write the 'Midnight Red' romance novel.

Here's the outline of the story I've come up with so far, plus the opening passages. Check it out, then add what you want to help make this the greatest it can be.

'Midnight Red' follows the tale of Colt Midnight* is the rugged, hot-blooded, brooding wanderer, a rancher, handyman, horse whisperer, cowboy and photographer wandering the American West shooting pictures of 'the real America' and not that fake phony plastic suburban crap***.

But then, Colt meets a young Angela Lansbury**. Angela is a striking redhead, with a fiery independent spirit and emboldened will, who will stop at nothing to see her dreams of becoming a mystery murder detective come true.


I am calling on you, Groupthink, to help me write this. Help the world see what magical, special creatures we truly are.


I'll start with the first part.

Colt Midnight climbed out of the front seat of the '63 Chevy, halfway between the end of the road and the beginning of a new one. He wasn't sure if the Chevy was dead or just out of gas, but seeing no gas station in sight, neither was an appealing prospect. Standing in the noon sun, his muscled bare chest glistened with sweat as knocked back the last swig of water in his canteen. He leaned in to look at the tank. Empty, just like the whole in his heart he'd been trying to ignore for the last 500 miles.

He didn't even know what town he'd stalled out in, but it didn't really matter. No matter how fast he chased the horizon in that dusty old truck, he never got any closer to where he was going.


Alright, Groupthinkers. Now it's your turn. Give me a few of the next passages. (Or write a chapter of your own, further along in the story. Whatever you feel like doing.) You can leave it in the comments below or do a whole separate post for your awesome addition to the Midnight Red romance novel. (Just use the tag 'Midnight Red' so I can keep them all together.)

Rip me some bodices and let's show the world what we're made of.

*There is no way in fucking hell we are changing this name.

**We're not fucking changing this either.

**He does weddings, but only if you book him in advance. Like way advance. He needs six months, at least. He might be able to squeeze you in if he has a cancellation. He's gonna have to charge you extra, because it's so last minute. You know what? Let him know the date your thinking of and he'll see what he can do. Just leave your number. Thanks.