I'm experiencing one of the worst bouts of period-related-loopiness ever. It's like I'm walking through a fog. Like I'm high without all the fun parts โ€” my coordination is shit, I can't remember how to do anything right, I'm slurring words and forgetting things. To top it all off, I didn't pick up my psych medicine from the drugstore yesterday so I was going through withdrawal. I took it 30 minutes ago so I'm coming off of that, but period loopiness + withdrawal related loopiness is possibly the worst mental fog ever. At least when I was so depressed my brain was starting to shut down* I felt sober. Now I feel gross all over.

It's probably a bad idea to have wine right now, but i'm gonna do it anyway. Maybe it will bring my brain down to earth a bit.

*IDK if that's a real thing or not, but that's what it felt like. My depression had progressed to such a point in college that it was like a really old computer whose software hasn't been updated in a really long time and is freezing and glitching and everything. I couldn't think and I could barely speak- I was forgetting words and slurring them and losing track of time because I was dissociating all over the place. It was bad. But that's why I have medicine now- wheeeeeee