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Anyone know anything about Symantec? Because it’s driving me slowly more insane with every passing day.

My workplace uses Symantec Endpoint Protection, so when I got a new computer last month it was already installed, just as it was on my old computer. BUT there’s apparently something different in the settings on this computer, because every afternoon this window pops up:


Which would not be a problem except that it minimizes whatever screen I have open at that moment and it’s wearing at my nerves and eventually it’s going to pop up and I’m going to snap and yell at it out loud and everyone in the office is going to think I’ve lost it. (More than they usually do, I mean.)

I have looked through the settings and can’t figure out how to turn it off (except possibly by stopping it from running automatic scans altogether, which seems like a bad idea). Our student assistant’s computer (which was replaced at the same time mine was) doesn’t have this problem, but because she doesn’t have admin access on her computer I can’t compare the settings to see what’s different.

Your help is much appreciated. I could put in a help ticket for this, but I don’t want to bother the tech team with something so petty.

ETA: Fine, I’ll submit the damn ticket.

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