So this isn't an "omg hair emergency" (hah that rhymes) but a general question for someone who's had experience with this.

My hair is normally a very bold, fire engine red. (The picture is what I started with - it was a faded out fuschia.) As I'm also growing it out from a pixie cut, the frequent coloring is starting to dry it out so I'm going to take it back to medium brown, which is something I've done several times. Always had good results, never anything funky or unexpected.

I did my normal procedure — didn't wash for a few days to give it a buffer, stripped out the color, and applied a warm chocolate brown to counteract the greeny-blonde that I know is the bane of hair when going from blonde to brown. (The red color I use is high lift, and I also pair it with 40 vol developer, which leaves light, yellow blonde chunks interspersed with pink once it's lifted.)

The green wasn't visible before I colored brown, just yellow blonde and pink. And then...then came out the green. I shrugged and applied another coating of the medium chocolate brown (which really IS quite warm based) and it all looks great...except for there's still some green near the porous ends of my hair. It's not Swamp Thing green, but I know it's there and, goddamnit, I want my lush auburn hair!

I don't have any chocolate brown left, only a neutral brown and blonde, ash brown and red. Obviously, not doing the neutral or ash because I don't want to make it worse. My initial plan is to go to Ye Olde Beauty Supply tomorrow and get some deep red demi-color to tone it with.


BUT...I keep eyeballing that half-empty tube of highlift red. Could I tone it by mixing up a smidge of my highlift red with some 10 vol developer, or will the highlift just make it worse? If I wait until tomorrow and buy proper demi-color, should I get a bold red or more of a dark auburn? (My gut says the latter, since I want something that'll blend with my new growth as it comes in and the green really isn't extremely noticeable.)

AND I think I know why I had bad luck this time - I just noticed that the color stripper I bought was a different brand than normal. Good job, me.

Anyone else have a green (or similar unwanted shade) story that they'd like to share to make me feel better?)