*Warning: sad kitty picture below, but i assure you he is safe and loved!*

The poor dude is scratching his eyes so hard that one of them is bleeding! The other is a scabby mess as his his mouth. The scabby/redness is not unusual for him. We've been treating him every 6-8 weeks with cortisone shots, which has seemed to help. The vet guessed an allergy. but this time around the eye is quite intense. Here is Pigeon a day or two after he got his last shot about 6 weeks ago...

You can see some residual redness, but he looks fine.

here is Pigeon about 4 days ago...


Can you see the red/black scabby bits on his face? not a great shot, but it shows a progression to tonight.

This is how he came up on my lap 15 minutes ago


HELP MY PRECIOUS LITTLE FURBABY!!! What is wrong with him?!?! Has anyone's cat gone through something like this?!

(Oh, and yes, we are going to an emergency clinic mañana...)