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She's sent me six seven (OMG SHE LITERALLY JUST SENT ME ANOTHER ONE) lengthy emails in the past 12 hours... keep in mind that it's noon on a Sunday where I am. Don't get me wrong, I'm super glad that she's so invested in my projects/thesis but I worry she's paying more attention to me than her friends and family and... you know... her own life. Surely she has friends? I know she has kids... THEY MISS YOU. AND THIS IS OVERWHELMING. AHHH.

ETA: You all, I know we're largely well-meaning folk around here... but if you're just going to respond to say that I'm essentially whining about a non-issue... please don't. I work damn hard and ceaselessly at what I do. I don't have days off; if I did, I'd fall behind. I'm stressed about this because it's legitimately causing me anxiety and is impacting my ability to focus on the work I'm trying to do right now. Please don't tell me my problem is not a problem. Thanks.

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