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Help! My shingles blew off

Has anyone ever dealt with anything like this before? I just moved into my new house two weeks ago and I came home today after a somewhat but not all that windy day to find that an entire batch of shingles was just sitting in my yard. Not one or two. A bunch:

They apparently came off the porch roof. I can see the strip where they used to be. It’s slightly darker and there are little orange bits all over.


I got a roofer recommendation from a friend and called them but the earliest they can come out is Tuesday morning and it supposed to rain all tomorrow so I’m freaking out a little. I also don’t have internet so I can only use my phone to frantically google so I’m wondering if any GTers have seen or dealt with this?

Important things to know are that this is a new roof (the whole house was a reno) and it was inspected as part of the home inspection about 2 months ago and got good marks (they pointed out one other area where some shingles needed to have their adhesive pressed but overall said the roof was a good job). So I’m hoping something was just not glued or installed properly? The internet only gives me really dire articles where one shingle blows off and it means your roof needs to be replaced soooo.

Second important thing is that no, I can’t get to the roof. I don’t have a ladder that long and it’s on a steep sloped porch roof portion that I couldn’t climb in safety. Just throwing that out there before I get suggestions to get up there and tarp it :)


Ahhhh new homeownership!! Thanks in advance GT!

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