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Help My Skin GT - You're My Only Hope!

My skin has always been sensitive. Allergic to makeup and sunscreen and so so many cleansers and creams sensitive. But this is a new level of bizarre. This past week my skin has been so dry I have scaly bits all over my face. Even on my upper and lower eyelids. So dry it hurts to open my mouth to talk because it feels like I'm going to tear open the cracks in my skin. And my whole face is red and putting any kind of moisturizer on burns and stings. I've been putting on Eucerin Calming Creme - which isn't even meant for faces but which seems to be making some progress in healing whatever the fuck is happening. So my skin today is less dry (I can open my mouth without fear) - but now I have a weird splotch of redness on my neck - a space previously unaffected.

As far as I know I wasn't doing anything different - I've been using the same sorts of products (no new detergents or face creams or soaps or anything) and haven't eaten anything unfamiliar. It isn't a sunburn either.


I'm starting to believe that Lizard people are real - and I'm becoming one of them. But I'd love to hear alternate theories and advice because this is just too annoying. And especially fun considering I'm looking for a job and thus have to go to interviews looking like a freak.

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